Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ahki James "TalkSick" Sullivan Passes

"James "TalkSick" Sullivan, 28, returned to the essence October 14, 2009 due to complication from the H1N1 virus. Proud to originally hail fom San Francisco's Hunter's Point neighborhood, he resided in Washington since 1988. A fierce lover, advocate, and defender of hiphop culture, TalkSick was a proud member of the Universal Zulu Nation's Seattle chapter who dedicated his time to community service. A recognizable, friendly, gregarious fixture at NW hiphop shows, TalkSick was also a reknowned hiphop historian with an exhaustive wealth of musical knowledge few could rival. An MC, show promoter, and blogger, TalkSick's favorite MCs of all time were Kool G Rap and KRS One, yet he held a particular affection for rap from his native Bay Area and from Seattle. He was also known for his big sense of humor, big thirst, and blunt, all-too-rare rare candor--and, on occasion, his own deep rhyme skills. Even bigger and deeper than all of that, as anyone who ever met TalkSick will attest, was his heart. His passing is a blow and deep sadness to the Seattle-area hiphop scene, but his life will forevermore be celebrated. Rest In Power, Ahki." -By Larry Mizell, Jr. and Ashley Goggins.

Note: It's been a year since your passing, and I wanted to revisit and say we love and miss you family. We're learning from you constantly, and you are always in your heart and thoughts.

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