In the Press

Here is a rough chronologically organized collection of Julie C's press mentions, which range from a variety of topics from her music to her community work. 

"Hip Hop Occupies: Rise & Decolonize May Day General Strike" GoHardSuperStar
May 3rd, 2012

"Women of Hip Hop in the Rainy City" The Examiner
March 25th, 2012

"My Philosophy: Interview w/ Julie C on Hip Hop Decolonize" The Stranger
November 15th, 2011

"Episode 17th: Occupy Speaks! Exclusive w/ Julie C & More" LDC Radio
November 15th, 2011

"Hip Hop Occupies" Counterpunch
November 14th, 2011

"Hip Hop Occupies to Decolonize Interview" WPFW, Washington D.C
October 26th, 2011

"Women of Webster: Julie C" Webster Style Magazine Interview
September 12th, 2011

"Julie C Sliding Scale Release" 206 Zulu
May 27th, 2011

"Data Breaker: Metal Chocolates, SOTA, Julie C" The Stranger
March 24th, 2011

"Single Minded Feature: In These Streets"  Living in Stereo
July 9th, 2009

"Spotlight: Julie C" Fresh, Bold, & So Def
June 7th, 2011

"The Knox Fam: Destroy to Build" by Davey D, Breakdown FM Interview
June 8th, 2009

"Hip Hop Crew the Knox Family New Release" Seattle Times
May 20th, 2009

"I've Been Listening to..." Seattle Weekly
May 20th, 2009

"The Knox Family: Natural Born Thrillers" Seattle Weekly
May 5th, 2009

"DJ B-Girl: The Network Administrator" Seattle Weekly
March 24th, 2009

"It Takes a Nation" Seattle Weekly
February 11th, 2009

"Hip Hop Heads Remix the Media Reform Agenda" Twin Cities Daily Planet
June 13th, 2008

"Finalists Announced for King County Executive Hip Hop Excellence Awards" Musica
January 2008

"Ladies First Spotlights Seattle's Best Femcees" Seattle Weekly
December 26th, 2007

"Inner-city Kids Find a 'Powerful Voice'" Seattle Times
June 14th, 2007

"Women in Hip Hop Step it up in the Bay Area" Thug Life Army
March 30th, 2007

"Seattle's Spin on Hip Hop" Seattle P.I.
February 14th, 2007

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