Who is Julie C?

Photo Credit: J. Mary Photography 2011
Julie C, also known as Julie Chang Schulman, is an explosive lyricist, educator, and advocate.  Emceeing since her early teens, Julie C hails from the legendary Alpha Platoon crew of Seattle, a dynamic underground collective that has produced some of the most influential and stylistically advanced artists and groups in the Northwest. As she watched the Hip Hop movement evolve parallel to her own growth into womanhood, she began community organizing and cultural advocacy in her early twenties with 206 Zulu, Seattle's chapter of Universal Zulu Nation.  Since then, she has been blessed to connect with some of Hip Hop's most powerful grassroots organizations, serving as education committee member of Hip Hop Association, and later as Northwest Regional Coordinator of Hip Hop Congress. In addition to this, she has also served on the board of Reclaim the Media, taught Hip Hop and media literacy through El Centro de La Raza's Hope for Youth Program, Seattle Urban Debate League, and Umojafest P.E.A.C.E Center, as well written freelance and for the People's Tribune. More recently, Julie C has been a pivotal force in organizing Hip Hop Occupies to Decolonize. She is also a proud family member of Brain Child Learning Center where she has taught, developed curriculum, and fostered academic excellence for 1st generation Asian American youth for almost 10 years. 

Photo Credit: J. Mary Photography 2011
As an artist, Julie C boasts a discography of over forty mixtapes, compilations, soundtracks, and album guest spots. She is featured prominently on the 2008 compilation Love or Fate, and linked with B Girl Media to release the Knox Family E.P in 2010. In May of 2011, she released her first solo project since her early teens with BGM. This project, entitled the Sliding Scale E.P, is available free for download here. Precocious beyond her years, she mixes a high level of intelligence and political commentary with street savvy slang and verbal prowess.

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