Thursday, January 2, 2014

CHURCH! Bringing 2013 to a Divine End

What can I say, other than I am so grateful and appreciative of all the artists, producers, (especially my co-organizer/host Diogenes and our official beat making sponsors from the magnanimous Filthy Fingers United mega crew), family and friends new and old, and whoever else has made CHURCH! what it is. Although I am a bit behind in my updates, I wanted to share with those who didn't make it a hasty summary of what went down in November and December, and also provide a glimpse into what you can look forward to in 2014. But before that, special shouts out to Seattle Community Media Lab for taking their time to support the sound for this and many other important grassroots efforts of creative resistance and direct action all over our region. I'd like to mention that the Lab is in dire straits, and is in need of support from the community it gives so much to in order to keep their services free and available to all. Please consider making a sustainer-ship monthly donation, however big or small you can afford, to help this important all volunteer crew keep their rent paid and their doors open to all. Every little bit helps when we're running on the fuel of community self-determination.

November CHURCH!: The Black Magic Noize TAKEOVER!

In keeping it really real, our November installation of our monthly extravaganza was our most popping CHURCH! to date, thanks to our comrades from the Black Magic Noize brigade. It had to be at least 200 people deep inside and out on our corner of Capitol Hill. Black Magic Noize is an amazing collective of emcees, producers, graf writers, organizers, engineers, and whatever other hats that one could wear. They bring an incredible energy to each and every space they bless, and are tremendously genuine, humble, and talented people, so we were more than happy to hand them the reigns for our November Sunday evening at Black Coffee. In addition, we were lucky to have the talented photographer Charles Conatzer take some flicks for us, and he captured the moments beautifully. Enjoy the gallery here.

Mosh Pit Action, Black Magic Noize

We opened up this night with BMN's own Nocturnal, emcee and producer, who laced us some beats to freestyle and vibe to, and 
followed this up with a set from the vibrant and talented emcee, singer, and spiritual motivator Lovely Bringer of the Sun. After that, we were fortunate to get a solo set from Wizdumb, another producer/emcee visionary behind the monthly live producers event Pad Pushers, at Vermillion (don't miss the upcoming one of these January 19th!). Wiz's album Basementality was recently named one of the top works in 206 Hip Hop in 2013 by The Stranger weekly, so don't skip out on listening to that joint. Then started the madness. BMN's Araless, Madshroom MC, and DJ Corn Dogg took the the mic and damn near started a riot in the spot. If you don't believe me, here's the photographic evidence again. Told you. Big shouts to all of you again for making that happen. It was unbelievable.

December CHURCH!: Spyc-E, Akira Guatama, Sendai and Era, and SeanyCee

We also had an incredible line-up to wrap up our 2013 for our 4th installation of CHURCH! We were blessed to start off this evening with a short set from Si Dåko'ta Alcantara-Camacho, well known and loved Seattle poet, emcee, and organizer, who shared with us his music, and also told us about the important Our Islands Are Sacred Campaign, an effort launched in response to the U.S. military plans to expand training and testing activities in the Mariana Islands, the indigenous lands of his people. Be sure to click like on that link to stay abreast of the important activities going on in the continuous and multidimensional struggle towards decolonization. 

Dåko'ta was followed up by producers SeanyCee and Akira Gautama, bringing us both beats to vibe with and rhymes to hear out. After that we had a special treat, a set from the one and only Seattle legend, Spyc-E, who has been rockin' the mic for almost 20 years. Olisa "Spyc-E" Enrico has participated in and won emcee battles, and represents women in hip hop wherever she is. She has performed both nationally and internationally. With her son strapped to her chest, guarded by a set of ear mufflers, she blew away the crowd at Black Coffee with her powerful presence, moving vocals, and wise words. Word has it this 206 vet has a new album in the kitchen ready to be served, so be sure to stay on the look at for some new music from her in 2014! 

Finally, we wrapped up the night with the first time ever debut performance from the up and coming duo Sendai & Era. Now. We all know Seattle is potent with great music from fresh young artists, but I am not joking when I say these two truly are something to watch for in 2014. They are AMAZING. With live beats being pounded out, diverse cadences and impressive style-flipping, and
THOROUGH political content and radical wisdom beyond their years, they are sure to be making a noticeable impact on the scene very soon. When you start hearing about them, remember I told you first. Also special shouts to Raven and DoNorMal for coming and rocking a track as well to Grayskul from the legendary Oldominion crew for making a guest appearance, and to everyone that touched the mic and shared their spirit and energy in this space from day one. THANK YOU!

Be sure to join us for our New Year's edition of CHURCH! January 12th 7-10pm featuring emcees Lady P, and Zen Seizure, and beatmakers K-E-L, Thad Wenatchee, and some special features (MustIMind, and maybe more.) This is Joule Sea signing off. See ya soon, Seattle.

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