Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natural Causes Tour Coming to Blend w/Seattle Hip Hop Scene

Peace folks! So it's no secret I been dragging on the blog lately, but I am happy to report lots of listens for my new EP Sliding Scale, and I hope yall will continue to check that out, download, donate, and share with friends! It'd pressure on season! So speaking of which, I got like 8 million shows coming up in July (Check my bandcamp for those dates!), it's like I'm doing a tour in my own city hahaha, BUT there's only ONE that there's a press release for (thank Sir Doxington of Greg and Jerome for that, y'all) so I figured I'd post it up for y'all to read and enjoy. Come through, it's gonna crack off.

For Immediate Release: July 7th, 2011

Natural Causes Tour Coming to Blend w/ Seattle Hip Hop Scene
Next Generation of LA Underground Legends Joins Northwest Artists at Chop Suey

Los Angeles's favorite Hip Hop agitators, next generation of underground legends, and purveyors of the seductively sarcastic non-genre of "art rap" are topping off their Natural Causes tour with a well-anticipated stop at Chop Suey in Seattle, Washington. Hosted by the NO FILLER Presents event collective, Open Mike Eagle, Redd Foxx (Alpha MC & VerBS), and Los Feo Faces will be joined July 21st with Seattle artists Julie C, Graves 33, Three Ninjas & Tangentbot, and Greg & Jerome, for an explosive evening of Hip Hop merriment and wonder.

Headlining the tour is Open Mike Eagle, of the pioneering LA Hip Hop crew Project Blowed, an artist poised to become a movement in his own right, as a voracious lyricist and co-founder of the pivotal Thirsty Fish and the Swim Team crews. His new LP "Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes", released this June, is a testimony to his originality, vision, and domineering mic presence. Joining him on tour is Redd Foxx, a duo consisting of Alpha MC & VerBS, two of Los Angeles's hardest working emcees, also of Swim Team and Hellfyre Club, and artists from Los Feo Faces, another hard-hitting emcee powerhouse featuring a roster that stretches from Hawaii, through Texas, Colorado, Cali and back. The Seattle welcoming committee consists of Julie C, first lady of the legendary Alpha P crew, the 206's favorite renaissance man, Graves 33, the cloaked crusaders Greg & Jerome, and the mysterious Three Ninjas & Tangentbot.

The night will be a promising blend of two scenes, sprinkled with some extra surprises and titillating secret special guests. Open Mike Eagle said, "I always look forward to playing Seattle. It's one of the last outposts in the war on mediocre music. It's certainly the Capital of the miraculous rap forest that is the Pacific Northwest."

Check out the promotional video for the "Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes" LP here:

Event Information:
Thursday, July 21st, 2011- SEATTLE, WA
Natural Causes Tour @ Chop Suey
1325 E. Madison Street
8pm - $7 - 21+ (Presale available)


  1. This is sounds hella cracking... I am going to this even though I got to train Capoeira in the morning at the Seattle Capoeira Center.

  2. hahah, yep Professa! I'ma be at both as well, no excuses.