Thursday, March 25, 2010

Collabs from across the Pacific: SensualizMusic

PROGRESS + NUDE + CREW from Japan just released their brand new album SensualizMusic, featuring two tracks with myself, as well as one from Suntonio Bandanaz, and another from Daichi Diez.

With a wide breadth of styles and a diverse line-up of artists, this 1st album from PROGRESS + NUDE + CREW seeks to smash paradigms on Japanese Hip Hop and break international borders. Instrumentals from Hiro AKA Melodiverse of PROGRESS + NUDE + CREW range from dramatic to mellow, light and jazzy to painfully emotional, but all are deeply introspective and beautifully composed.

Enjoy the previews of the album on these videos and purchase the album by clicking the link above. Support the international Hip Hop movement, and be on the look out for more collaborations between myself and Hiro. In the meanwhile, check out the track below called "Beautiful Tragedy." We do it global baby!

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