Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who is Julie C?

Peace and Universal Greetings, I'm Julie Chang Schulman, Hip Hop artist, educator, freelance journalist and community organizer from Seattle, WA, hailin' from the crew Alpha P. I'm assistant chapter-head of 206 Zulu, Seattle's branch of Universal Zulu Nation. codirector of Reclaim the Media, a media justice organization, and Northwest regional coordinator for Hip Hop Congress, and urban arts and culture 501c3 non profit. I'm also an artist on B Girl Media The Knox Family E.P is scheduled to debut this Spring.

I'm a real person, not a, computer, someone's paid zombie, or an advertisement, and my aim in undergoing the daunting process of penetrating the "blogosphere" is to expand my network, build with like minded individuals, and connect to other community media makers and organizers from the global grassroots in this worldwide people's movement. Please, shoot me any questions, comments, or just a hello, if your out there, world.

All About the People's Movement
Photo: Our presentation at 2008 National Conference for Media Reform (from left to right, Shamako Noble, Toki Wright, Julie C, Rosa Clemente, J.R Flemming)

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