Friday, August 8, 2008

Seattle Welcomes Hip Hop's First Ever VP Candidate

Seattle Welcomes Hip Hop's First Ever VP Candidate

Wanna know why M1 from Dead Prez, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, Rebel Diaz and NY Oil are voting Green in this year's presidential elections? Meet Rosa Clemente. She is undoubtably one of the strongest voices in today's growing Hip Hop Movement, and if you didn't know, get your facts. The 36-year-old South Bronx native and member of the Grassroots Malcolm X Movement is an internationally recognized activist, scholar, organizer and journalist whose known for her commitment to change from the grassroots. When former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney won the Green Party presidential nomination earlier this year, it was Rosa Clemente she named as her running mate. Come November elections, McKinney and Clemente will be the very first all-women of color presidential ticket in the history of the United States.

Rosa Clemente will be in Seattle from September 10th to the 11th. Wyking, from Seattle Hip Hop Youth Council will be hosting a Power to the People Hip Hop rally at 4pm on Wednesday the 10th, details TBA. For more info, email

In addition to this, Rosa will be speaking at an antiwar rally at Westlake in downtown from 12-3pm on September 11th. For more info on this event, and for how to support the McKinney/Clemente Campaign, email

"The only way I can even begin to accept this nomination is that I must understand that I am just a vessel, a representative of the work of an entire generation, the Hip-Hop radical activist movement. I stand on the shoulders of a generation of young people of color that are united, that clearly understand that we are suffering form structural racism, institutional racism and capitalism."
-Rosa Clemente July 2008

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