Friday, January 4, 2008

NW Hip Hop Congress January Bulletin

Friday, January 04, 2008

NW Hip Hop Congress Jan. Bulletin
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NW Hip Hop Congress January Bulletin

Northwest Hip Hop is ready to take 2008 by storm. For starters, the Seattle's Hip Hop Congress community chapter is officially on and popping, and as the incorporation and licensing process wraps up, we are ready to put some serious development behind the exponential growth defining the scene. The NW Hip Hop Congress network is a powerful coalition group made of some of the region's most thorough Hip Hop organizations, including 206 Zulu-the Seattle's chapter of Universal Zulu Nation ( ) and the Block Teamsters Union ( ), artist crews and collectives, such as Project Mayhem, Alpha-P, and the Think Tank, and community-based nonprofits like Reclaim the Media ( ), CARA ( ), and Seattle Debate Foundation ( ).

Our independent urban arts media partners include Zulu Radio and Fresh Coast Radio on 91.3fm KBCS Community Radio ( ), Hip Hop 101 Television on Seattle Community Access Network (, and the Coolout Network ( ). Here is only a fraction of what's been crackin' off:

This year, NW Hip Hop Congress was happy to officially welcome B-Girl Bench ( ) and B-Girl Media, spearheaded by DJ B-Girl Chillz to our family. B-Girl Bench is a space for women to hone their craft, build with their community, and to develop transformative leadership from a local to global perspective. As the women in Hip Hop movement started gaining a lot of steam this year, B-girl became a pivotal force, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Beyond being a digital distribution guru and Hip Hop music director at, B-girl herself has been a staple in the Seattle music scene since 2001 as a DJ, breaker, producer, and hip hop teaching artist who has also been known to rip a few mics every once in a while. Her long awaited album Love or Fate?? featuring Piece, Toni Hill, Jerm, Asun, Julie C., Sista Hailstorm, Khanfidence, Phreewill, Cyreeta, DJ WD40, Sage Nomad, and Forrest is set for release this January 16th.

Read more about Seattle women in Hip Hop including DJ B-Girl Chillz, Onion and the Ladies 1st Collective at Hidmo, and Julie C here in the latest issue of the Seattle Weekly. ( )

On campus, the Seattle Central Community College chapter was founded by 206 Proof contributor ( ) and true to life Hip Hop junkie Jawn, under the advisory of Seattle Hip Hop organizing vet and 206 Zulu member Sam Chesneau. SCCC's chapter used 2007 to kick off their fundraising and outreach campaign. Aisha Becker-Burrow founded the region's very first high school chapter at Lakeside High after her hugely successful sweet sixteen bash at Youngstown Cultural Center themed "Hip Hop is Dead: Bring Back the Old School." This event, co-facilitated by B-Girl Bench, was a far cry from MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen. Aisha not only selflessly organized the event as a fundraiser for Hip Hop Congress, she also used it as a platform to spread awareness on the issue of police terrorism by inviting DJ DVONE and Rajnii Eddins to speak about their experiences as victims of brutality and abuse of power from the Seattle Police Department. See footage of "Hip Hop is Dead: Bring Back the Old School" including performances by Choklate, Piece, Rajnii, Silent Lambs Project, and DV One in the B-Girl Bench Ezine! (

University of Washington's Hip Hop Congress affiliates have been working hard to build on the international platform of movement Hip Hop culture has become. With the help of Georgia Roberts, Hip Hop literary scholar, and Scott Macklin of Open Reel, Seattle artist/activists DJ Kuhnex and Rev from Blue Magic Entertainment as well as Madeline aka the Lioness from the group Canary Sing are headed to South Africa to produce a documentary on music and social motivation in South Africa. Working with South African artists and organizers including, Bulelani Futshane, Godessa, Zubz, Proverb, J-Bux, Teba, DJ Azhul, DJ Eazy, and HHC's own Rushay Booysen, they hope to use the documentary to spread awareness on the power of culture in affecting change on global issues. "For me, what's really interesting is how visually and with audio we are able to share and through sharing we are able to build," says Rushay, who is music editor for the project. Rushay, who has been active in Port Elizabeth's Hip Hop community for 18 years, see's his role as facilitating a process of life experience and reality both for visiting students, and for future viewers of the documentary. "I'm just a link that links the common purpose," he states. They are looking for support for this project, and further collaborative opportunity so to get down, email, and to contact Rushay email .

Aaron "DJ Kuhnex" Jacob and Jamil "Rev" Suleman, have also been getting national recognition for "Bruce Lee Dedication," a class they've piloted on the University of Washington campus. The tangible objective of the class is to get something on campus dedicated to the memory of Bruce Lee, but the actual objective is much broader. "This is to start the dialogue of why students of color are not represented in the first place," says Rev, "this is about eradicating the symbolism of European domination on college campuses in general." For more information on this contact: .

Seattle Hip Hop Summit Youth Council has also been making major waves in the region. This year, in addition to launching a new website, ezine, and newsletter, they've invested in the next generation of Hip Hop leadership with "Hiphopreneurs: CEOs in Training," a professional development club at Seattle vocational institute, and a Hip Hop Writer's Group at the Rainer Beach branch of Seattle Public Libraries. SHHSYC has also started a weekly young artist showcase at Waid's Place on 12th & Jefferson in Seattle, hosted by Genieva Arunga, J. Infinite, M-Famous, and Angel, the young stars that some of y'all may remember from Hip Hop Congress's National Conference in Athens, Ohio. For more information on Seattle Hip Hop Summit Youth Council contact

Seeing as how this update is admittedly Seattle-Centric, be on the look-out for more regional information in the next issue, including shouts from the Evergreen College's HHC Chapter in Olympia, Washington, updates from the newly launched Tacoma Urban Debate League Program, and hopefully, an introduction to our new partners in the PDX, Mic Crenshaw and the Global Family Network Mission. If I missed you in this update, don't worry - holler at me and I'll getcha next round. Be sure to check the list below for events in the Northwest and music you don't wanna be without…. with that, I'm ghost. One!

Julie C is an emcee from the legendary Alpha-P crew, as well as Northwest Regional Coordinator for Hip Hop Congress, assistant chapterhead of 206 Zulu, and Co-Director for Reclaim the Media. Scholar at ya girl at
January 5th Ladies 1st Spring 2008 Kick Off @ Hidmo

Communities Against Rap and Abuse, the Ladies 1st Collective, and B-Girl Bench are kicking off the 2008 monthly all-women's Hip Hop showcase at Hidmo Eritrean Cuisine Restaurant (20th and Jackson) with Seattle Hip Hop veteran Laura "Piece" Kelley Jahn and Hip Hop Congress's own Beloved1 and DJ B-Girl Chillz on the 1s and 2s. The event goes from 8pm-10pm and is followed by an after party by Boom Box. For more info visit

January 5th Freestyle Battle Championship @ Chop Suey

Seaspot and Block Teamsters Union present the final for "Wednesday night life Freestyle Battle Championship" for a grand prize of $4,500 in cash and prizes. Celebrity guest judges include Devin the Dude, Cool Nutz, Certified, Mr.DOG, Emmanuel, Neema, Sonny Bonoho, Mr. Yon, I.Gang, Evergreen Ent., Jay Barz. All ages/21+ bar on 1325 Madison from 8pm-2am. For more info visit

January 5th The Return of Foot Traffic @ Lo Fi

Come experience the revival of this classic 206 subterranean Hip Hop event with Mind Movers, Alpha P, DJ B-Girl Chillz, and Elefaders. 21+ Free!!!

January 19th Indayog II @ Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle

Pinay Sa Seattle, Communities Against Rape and Abuse (CARA), Youth Speaks Seattle, 206 Zulu, Hiphop Congress, 91.3 KBCS Community Radio, B-Girl Bench, and BAYAN USA, proudly announces the second annual Indayog All-Women's Hip Hop Show. "This year's Indayog strives to honor the rich history of hip-hop and its revolutionary tradition by focusing on the counteracting of state repression through art," stated rogue pinay, emcee and cultural chair for Pinay SA. This years event will feature performances from Skim, Piece, Beyond Reality, Melissa Noelle Green, El Dia, Julie C, rogue pinay, Beloved1, DJ B-Girl Chillz and more. Contact:

January 23rd Water @ Columbia City Theater

The 206Zulu fam at present "Water" on Wednesday from 8pm-2am at the Columbia City Theater at 4916 Rainier Avenue South. This all ages/bar with ID function features some of the freshest NW Hip Hop including Alpha-P, Geo of Blue Scholars, Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Godspeed, LaRue, Ill Top, Mind Movers, BYC Crew, and DJ Audeos. Free entrée served with $15 admission! Contact: .

February 2nd Ladies 1st @ Hidmo

Communities Against Rap and Abuse, the Ladies 1st Collective, and B-Girl Bench bring you Southern Komfort, SKIM, and DJ Kylea at this edition of Ladies' First, monthly all-women's Hip Hop showcase at Hidmo Eritrean Cuisine Restaurant (20th and Jackson) from 8pm-10pm.

February 9th It's Bigger than HIP HOP @ Portland, OR

The Portland Black Intelligencer, a Hip Hop Congress Oregon partner presents Portland, Oregon's 2nd Annual Youth Summit "It's Bigger than HIP HOP" at 126 NE Alberta from 8-11pm. This year's event will include a keynote address from Professor Griff of Public Enemy, as well as an evening concert with local artists with $10 donation. For more information call (503) 781-5313 or email

February 15th to 17th 206 Zulu 4th Anniversary @ Festival Sundiata

206 Zulu is celebrating its 4th Anniversary and Black History Month with four days of Hip Hop, showcasing some of today's emerging artists from the Northwest and beyond! The main events, held on the 16th & 17th will be in conjunction with Festival Sundiata at the Seattle Center. This all-ages event is FREE to the public. In addition to the musical performances, 206 Zulu will host a break battle (dance competition), art/graff showcase, and educational-orientated workshops and panels. Additionally, 206 Zulu will host a series of after-parties as well as Zulu Nation specials on local urban media sources to add to the weekend experience. Contact: .

TV and Radio

-Friday Morning 1am-3am Fresh Coast Radio with your hosts DJ B-Girl Chillz and Julie C on 91.3 KBCS Community Radio, streaming live online from

-Friday Evening 9pm-10pm Hip Hop 101 TV broadcasting live on SCAN Channel 29/77, streaming online at

-Saturday Evening 10pm-1am Zulu Radio with your hosts DJ WD40, Gabriel Teodros, and King Khazm on 91.3fm KBCS Community Radio, streaming live online from

Featured Artists and Music

BC Musik along with The Silent Lamb Project presents the long awaited solo album by Silas Blak, titled "Silas Sentinel." This solo album emulates all the elements of a classic. With his first single "Please Calm Down" Silas Blak rouses the senses as he uses his word play to hypnotize all audiences. The Silas Sentinel Album is not for rookies as his voice is used as an instrument and the energy he conveys slices you to the core. You are immediately swept away with his lyrical genius in such songs as "Never Peace, One Thin Rhyme, The Coop, Permanent Relaxer and Bombs Work." Silas Blak's musik is also referenced as awakening old slave mentalities and liberating socially conscience people to the next level. The Silas Sentinel album brings a new era to hip hop addressing the state of affairs and what we communicate from the average Joe's, the whack emcee's to the socially aware. Available courtesy B-Girl Media through iTunes: ( )

Seattle Hip Hop veteran Laura "Piece" Kelley Jahn's newest release Street Smartz is the story of a true school b-girl, the soundtrack to Piece's one woman play. Representing true Hip Hop through theater, music, spoken word, and her very own street style, get a glimpse into the reality and life of this undeniably talented artist. All of the tracks on the album Street Smartz were produced, arranged, composed, written and created by Piece, featuring the Queen's Ransom players. Piece's hot new album, Street Smartz, out now on iTunes courtesy B-Girl Media:

Read more:

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